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Chris Corney is a Producer / Songwriter & Musician from Bedfordshire, UK. He has been writing, recording and performing music for nearly 30 years, and has performed throughout the UK and Europe as a member of bands such as 'The Quireboys', UK folk band 'ahab' & Powerpop band 'The Contrast'.


Chris’ own work is published by Universal / Complete music, he has produced and recorded music by artists such as Ronnie Wood, The Quireboys, Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) and Tracie Hunter. Chris has also found time to release 4 self-written critically acclaimed albums of his own.


In 2005 Chris' band 'The Ravines' recorded their debut album "Manifesto of a Broken Heart", the strength of this album earned Chris his publishing deal. The album was released in 2006 and won the hearts of the American power-pop scene, to whom it is still considered somewhat of a 'cult classic' album.


2015 saw the return of The Ravines with a new single & album entitled 'Everything's Fine'. The album has since recieved glowing reviews from the press, and a new fan in Mr Bob Harris!


Now in 2020, Chris has a new solo album entitled 'False Horizon'.

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